Football League

Football Games For Kids

Building Character Through Youth Games

The Football League, Soccer 6’s, is a 6-a-side league which runs every Saturday between 12:00 & 16:00, and Sundays between 9:00-13:00.

Soccer 6’s collaborate with seasoned coaches and referees. In order for kids to be imparted with invaluable lessons of football that will remain with them forever, Soccer 6’s truly believes that bringing in league football will achieve those goals.

They aspire to teach children how to conduct themselves with integrity in a sporting environment, advocating for fairness and respect for their opponents.

League Mission

At Soccer 6’s, we have one mission: to bring grassroots football as close to you as possible.

Our programme is 1 venue for home and away matches with high-quality refereeing and competitive evenly matched games.

Kids listen to their coach as part of the football classes for kids


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