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Group Activities For Kids

Skill-Building Group Sports Fun

Our group sports sessions are all about teaching groups of children new skills and techniques weekly, creating a fun environment, and helping the children to learn through creative games focusing on the children’s imagination. 

We have a love for physical activity while celebrating the unique abilities of each toddler. In our fun and inclusive environment, every little athlete gets the chance to shine, regardless of their skill level or experience .

A group of children enjoys a group session with their buddies
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Where Learning and Play Go Hand in Hand

Our sports group sessions at Tiny Feet are truly remarkable and offer a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in regular physical activity. These sessions are held once a week and are led by our friendly and composed coaches who possess over 15 years of experience in the field. Their extensive expertise allows them to create a supportive and nurturing environment for all participants.

Tug-of-war between youngsters and their coach on the field as a Group Activity for Kids

Athletic Growth Adventures for Kids

During these sessions, children will have the chance to develop their skills, improve their fitness levels, and enhance their overall athletic abilities including their hand-eye co-ordination. Our coaches are dedicated to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for every child, ensuring that they feel comfortable and motivated to participate.

From Shy Participants to Energetic Stars, We Celebrate All

At Tiny Feet Sports, we believe that sports should be for everyone, which is why our sessions are inclusive of all abilities and backgrounds. From the shyest participant to the most energetic bundle of joy, there’s a place for every child to thrive and succeed in our group sports sessions.
Students with their coach participating in group sports exercises

Empowering Kids Through Sports Excellence

Whether it’s learning new techniques, practicing teamwork, or simply having fun, our sports group sessions offer a well-rounded and engaging experience for children of all ages and abilities. We believe in the power of sports to promote physical well-being, build confidence, and foster social connections. Join us and be a part of our amazing sports group sessions!

Kids participating in outdoor group activities


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Termly Group Sessions

£165-200 /Term

Depending on Duration

Venue: Brunswick Youth Club

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